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Download LMD Multicurrency

Friday, February 26th, 2010

The LMD Multicurrency robot along with three other forex trading expert advisor are on sale now at the FRWC.
You might already know that LMD Multi-currency is the winner of the Forex World Cup competition. The competition organizers have decided to package the winning robots into a Software bundle which includes LMD Multicurrency, HiRIDER, Super Volcano and the Royal FRWC robot called Fusion-V1.1a EA. This is the best deal you can get.

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LMD Multicurrency Results

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

LMD Multicurrency robot won the prestigious Forex Robot World Cup award. Out of 329 Forex Expert Advisors the LMD Multicurrency emerged as a clear winner. The robot produced a staggering 145.60% profit during the two months live trading on a real account. You can the screen-shot of the results of LMD Multicurrency robot below.
LMD Multicurrency
LMD Multicurrency Results during the Live Trading phase of FRWC

The drawdown was recorded as 34.06%. As you can see from the above graph the LMD Multicurrency EA is way ahead of the rest of the forex expert advisors in the competition.

LMD Multicurrency

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

LMD Multicurrency is a forex trading system. As you might know forex trading is risky but highly profitable at the same time. When you do forex trading or currency trading you are buying foreign currency at a cheaper rate and sell it when the rate goes up. The rate of currency is identified by comparing against another country’s currency. When you do so the two currencies involved in a trade are called the currency pair.
The whole concept of forex trading might sound simple. But in reality since there are thousands or traders involved in currency trading, the person with competitive advantage wins. LMD-Multicurrency system is developed to provide you that competitive advantage which will help you to win trades and make money.